How can I get a quotation?

Simply call us, email us or fill out our ‘Contact Us’ page to book a free site consultation, that way we can see your property / existing windows / doors, then recommend the best products, take measurements – go away and provide a free no obligation quotation.

Do you charge for site visits / Quotations?

Absolutely not, we provide free expert advise & free site visits / no obligation quotations.

What’s the best material for Bi-Folding & Sliding Patio Doors?

Aluminium is the best as they come thermally broken which reduces the chance of condensation, they are very thermally efficient, slim sightlines, and come in over 200 RAL colours. They also require little to no maintenance.

How long does it take from point of sale to installation?

This depends on the product, but generally 6-8 weeks for Aluminium, 6-8 weeks for Timber, 4-6 weeks for PVCU / Composite Windows / Doors.

Are your Fitters directly employed?

Yes, we have 2 teams of directly employed fitters, very experienced, clean & tidy conscientious, polite and are great representatives of our Company.

Do your Windows / Doors come with a guarantee?

Of course, all our installations come with a manufactures guarantee and a 10 year installation backed warranty. We are also members of the DGCOS which protects your deposit and DGCOS ensure that the quality of all its members installation is of high quality.

How can we tell if the product is well manufactured / good quality?

That’s our job, we only use fabricators who we know and trust. We visit their factories and ensure the latest tooling is used and the correct manufacturing procedures and standards are met.

Are sash windows expensive?

Traditional sash windows are typically more expensive than Aluminium or PVCU, due to the quality of the Timber used and the manufacturing process.

How much do Timber sash windows cost?

A typical Sash window 1000 x 1500 we estimate the cost of supply and install approximately £1,600 including VAT.

What styles / types of windows do you sell?

We sell casement, sash, tilt and turn, folding, sliding we also sell internal secondary glazing should you not wish to replace your original windows or your property is listed.

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